Our Story

Frustrated with athletic wear for busy moms trying to juggle it all: exercise classes, grocery shopping, meetings, and late night practices, long time inventor and busy Mom of three designed the BOMI SMOCK in 2018 - the first adjustable coverup that easily connects to sports bras and has multipurpose use: fitness, yoga, maternity, and swimwear.  A few prototypes and patent filings later, the BOMI SMOCK is here.. proudly escorting busy women throughout the many activities of their day.
   The Kangacover

The kangacover derived from the Go Go Poncho  - The ORIGINAL Infant Carseat Cover with handle access capability invented in 2008 by  Barbara (Buffy) Robison who saw the need when her second child was born.   " I not only wanted to keep germy hands at a distance,  but I really wanted a better grip on the car seat handle because throwing a blanket on top felt slippery and not secure."

Buffy cut her first pattern from fleece and immediately had compliments and requests that led to a provisional patent and her different variations sold on Etsy.  Many of her creations were published in the popular blog world at the time  known as Bjanebrewing. 

After starting an Instagram page and posting a picture of the Go Go Poncho after her 3rd child was born in 2013 , and after corresponding with a popular baby wear  designer and Instagram influencer is when the multipurpose carseat concept took off. 

Buffy's passion for inventing and designing started as a child and it wasn't until her first child was born in 2006 , that she started bringing ideas to life.  Buffy invented a  universal shopping cart tray for snacks and Sippy cups in 2006 along with a fashionable Diaper Scrunchie for Dads, the Go Go Poncho in 2008 and her BOMI SMOCK(the first coverup that attaches to sports bras in 2018 ) and now because of the most recent pandemic - The Kangacover 

This led Buffy back to her passion , designing for the Baby industry and filling needs that can ultimately help parents and babies along the way.  "Parenting is scary - finding reassurance in even the small things can be comforting."

Buffy resides in Texas , living in a historic farmhouse with her Husband and 3 children whom are named after small Texas towns - Doss, Lott and Briar 

Buffy's Instagram @RobisonsRoost - Once called  BJanebrewing

Reach out to Buffy - Buffyrobison@yahoo.com